FDC Leadership


Executive Board

Bishop Dr. Billy G. Newton
Suff. Bishop Arden Luster

 District Elder James Talley
 Vice Chairman
 Sister Queen Richardson
 General Secretary

 Sister Pamela Mckinnon
 Suff. Bishop Dr. Will Potter

 Evangelist Irene Coley
 Assistant Treasurer
 Bishop Robert B. Thomas

 Suff. Bishop Elvin Bridgewater
 Suff. Bishop Arthur Fletcher

 Suff. Bishop James Walker
 Dist. Elder Luke Green

 Dist. Elder Eddie Seaverson
 Dist. Elder Earl Parchia

 Dist. Elder James Richardson
 Evangelist Linda Carson

 Dist. Elder Ronnie L. King
 Dist. Elder John L. Edwards Jr

 Dist. Elder Donald Richardson
 Dist. Elder Maggie Gaines
 Emeritus Member

 Suff. Bishop Henry Hood
 Emeritus Member
 Suff. Bishop Willie J. Johnson
 Emeritus Member

___________________________Council Officers_______________________________________
 Dist. Elder John Edwards
 Director of Security
 Minister Darold Ingram
 Council Coordinator
Elder James Booth
 Assistant Sergeant At Arms
 Dr. Diana Potter

______________________________Suffragan Bishops__________________________________
Arden Luster
 Elvin S. Bridgewater
 Will Potter M.D.
 James Walker
 Willie Johnson - Emeritus
 Willie Coley
 Henry Hood - Emeritus
 Sylvester Jones

______________________________District Elders_____________________________________

 Luke Green

 Ronnie King
 Willie Coley 
 Earl Parchia
 Donald Richardson
 James Talley
 James Richardson
 John Edwards Jr.
 Pamela Bowers Judy Sykes
 Maggie Gaines - Emeritus

Pastors of The Florida District Council